Every Saturday (May-Oct) from 8AM-1PM in Downtown Janesville's Town Square

Apply to be a Vendor

Our vendors are what makes this market so special

These local farmers, artisans and small businesses bring diverse and fresh produce, handmade crafts, and unique goods to the market, creating a rich tapestry of offerings for consumers.

Their participation not only provides an avenue for residents to access high-quality, locally sourced products but also fosters a sense of connection between producers and consumers.

On any given Saturday, there are over 75 vendors at the market.

Community collaboration & local resources

Participate in the JFM as a nonprofit group or community resource. Local groups that hold tax-exempt status and serve the Janesville community and beyond are welcome to apply for up to 2 dates per season.

If you will be distributing information only, there is no charge.

If you plan on doing fundraising of any kind, it requires Market Manager pre-approval and there is a $25 fee for each market date.

If approved, the JFM provides booth space; your group brings everything else.