Every Saturday (May-Oct) from 8AM-1PM in Downtown Janesville's Town Square

Rules & Policies

All well-behaved people and dogs are welcome, as long as they follow our rules

If you have any other questions, please contact us.

Dog Rules

Well-behaved dogs are welcome at the JFM and must be kept under control and by their human’s side at all times on a non-extendable leash no more than 6 ft. long. Sorry, no exceptions.

Dogs should be kept away from produce, plants and food products. This means head and tail ends!

Be considerate and remember that some people have allergies and not everyone is a dog lover.

Take your dog potty before the market & come prepared to clean up after him or her if they gotta go.

People Policies

No Solicitation: No soliciting, hand-billing, circulating of petitions, protesting, or demonstrating by political, religious, commercial or other groups or individuals is permitted in the Market 6am-2pm.

No Smoking: There is no smoking allowed within the Market area.

Walk Your Bike: For safety reasons, bikes may not be ridden in the Market. They may be parked on the perimeter or walked through the Market.