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Why Sponsorship?

In 2023, the Janesville Farmers Market (JFM) will proudly celebrate its 18th year in the heart of Downtown Janesville, and its continuing growth at Town Square.  The JFM is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) charity that receives no public funding from tax dollars and counts on the generosity of community organizations, partners and members like you for support. 

Rain or shine, from the first Saturday in May through the last Saturday in October, the JFM is a beloved community hot spot where locals and visitors of all ages and backgrounds congregate to enjoy locally grown, produced and created products. Everyone is welcome, even well-behaved dogs!

The JFM is Rock County’s largest weekly event, attracting several thousand singles, couples and families from Janesville and the surrounding communities each Saturday who spend time shopping, listening to live music, meeting friends and family, and strolling around Town Square and beyond.

Recent data suggests that over 70% of JFM participants are aged 25-54, the core of the community’s workers and consumers. They value quality and are interested in buying from and supporting local businesses. If you’ve visited the JFM on a summer Saturday, chances are that you’ve seen your customers there. And the good news is that our attendance is growing every year.

A good portion of that growth is coming from Rock County residents experiencing food insecurities. Why?  First, our central location is easily accessible by public transportation. This combined with a genuinely welcoming atmosphere and a well-established EBT program make it simple for FoodShare participants to use their benefits to purchase fresh, local, healthy food.


You might not be aware that Downtown Janesville is itself considered a food deserta low income tract with little access to affordable food and grocery stores, so the JFM provides both an important community resource as well as an enjoyable one. 

Whatever your customer base, the JFM would love to work with you to tailor a sponsorship package that is valuable to your organization. Alternatively, the following pages offer a variety of pre-packaged options that span our 26 week outdoor season, as well as a diverse schedule of special events.